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Welcome to our bulletin page! On this page we will share announcements, the workshop calendar, upcoming events, and more!

Union Jobs

We have close relationships with Business Agents and Teamster leadership, as well as relationships with other labor organizations & representatives. These relationships provide us opportunities to gather open union job postings. Talk with your counselor to learn more, or visit the following links:​


Job & Career Fairs are great places to network, meet hiring managers and recruiters, and practice your marketing pitch.  Did you know that almost every day in MN, there is a job fair?  The MN Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED) maintains a listing of upcoming job fairs in MN.  All listed job fairs are open to the public!  Click MN JOB FAIRS to see the list.


Before you attend any job fair, make sure you're prepared!  Treat each interaction with an employer at the fair as a mini interview. Dress professionally and bring several copies of your résumé.  Practice your "30 second elevator speech" so you can confidently and concisely tell an employer about yourself and the value you would bring to their team!

Do your research!  It's important to know which employers will be at the fair so you can determine a plan to visit each employer you're targeting, and conduct research on your target employers before you go! Speaking intelligently about the company you want to work for will go a long way with hiring managers - show them your interest by being interested!  Research the company and be able to articulate what they're doing that interests you (a.k.a. why you want to work there).


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