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The Teamsters Service Bureau offers free, confidential assistance to Teamsters and their families.  We have services to support many facets of your life including: Relationships, Family, Eldercare, Financial, and Legal.  Explore these topics in more depth below. Check back soon for a printable version of these materials.


(612) 676-3700

If you need help immediately, crisis counselors are available by phone 24/7 by calling: (800) 979-9725


Addiction is more common than most people think.  No one chooses to become addicted.  And it's difficult to shed addiction without help and support.  It's smart to ask for help to regain self-control.  If you need to talk to someone about addiction, our therapists can help you create a plan to conquer it.  Call us,  we're here for you. 


  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Gambling

  • Screen time

  • Toxic relationships


We can help seniors and family caregivers face the challenges of aging.  Our eldercare consultants can connect you with resources to age in place.  They can also help you decide when it’s time to move out of your home and into senior living.  Caregiving responsibilities can be daunting for family members who work and have families of their own.  Our experts can help the whole family figure out how to share caregiving responsibilities.  We can assist you with:  


  • Independent living assessments

  • Resources to age in place

  • Assisted living options

  • Information to maximize benefits

  • Family caregiver planning

  • Referrals to caregiver support groups


Going to a therapist when you're feeling sad or overwhelmed should be as normal as going to the doctor when you have the flu. Through the Teamsters Service Bureau, you are eligible for three counseling sessions.  Services are free and confidential. 


  • Persistent sad, anxious, or empty mood

  • Feelings of hopelessness

  • Loss of interest in ordinary activities

  • Disturbances in eating and sleep patterns

  • Restlessness or irritability

  • Thoughts of suicide

FINANCIAL Counseling

Everyone worries about money. Does your paycheck disappear before you receive it? Are your credit cards maxed out? Are you stressed about money? Are you wondering if you can afford to retire? If so, you have access to certified financial counselors who can help with a wide range of financial issues:

  • Budgeting and savings plans

  • Debt management plans

  • Mortgage modifications and foreclosure concerns 

  • Pre-bankruptcy counseling

  • Retirement planning 

  • Student loan review  

  • Tips to improve your credit score.  



The Teamsters Service Bureau can help you connect to an experienced attorney in your area for most types of legal issues.

The Service Bureau provides one free 30 minute consultation available over the phone or in person, with an attorney who specializes in your issue.  If your situation requires ongoing legal services, Teamster members receive a discount on the legal fees.


Free consultations and discounted attorney rates for Teamster members on issues such as:


  • Wills, trusts, conservatorship

  • Child support, adoption, custody

  • Garnishments, loans, consumer complaints

  • DWI/DUI, traffic violations, accidents

  • Landlord/tenant and leasing issues

  • Misdemeanor and felony charges


If your relationship is struggling, there is hope.  With the right support, even the deepest hurt can heal.  Unhealthy patterns can be broken, communication can be strengthened, and trust can be rebuilt.  Our Service Bureau provides three free counseling sessions with a professional relationship therapist.  Our therapists can meet in-person or virtually with individuals, couples, or families.  They’re here to help you create an action plan to get your relationship through the storm.  We offer a variety of counseling services:


  • Relationship and marriage

  • Pre-marriage and remarriage

  • Blending families

  • Divorce and child custody

  • Support for kids during divorce

  • Support for single parents

  • Gender identity and expression

  • Infertility

  • Adoption

  • Other family issues


Life does not always go smoothly.  All of us experience times when problems affect the way we function at work and at home.  At times our personal problems can be overwhelming and we need assistance. Counseling is available to help overcome these obstacles! Call us if you're experiencing any of the following:


  • Do you always feel tired or have trouble sleeping?

  • Do you have frequent headaches, stomachaches, colds, or muscle pains?

  • Are you often impatient with family members or co-workers?

  • Do noisy situations drive you crazy?

  • Are you feeling a sense of helplessness or hopelessness?

  • Do you over-react to others' mistakes?


Anger management

Anger is everywhere—and it has real risks. It’s no surprise that anger is a powerful emotion that can get us into a deep hole. Taming anger is hard if you don’t have the tools to understand exactly why it’s there and how to transcend it. But you can create a better outcome if you understand your trigger buttons and control how you respond when they’re pushed. Our professional licensed counselors can help you gain a better understanding of the root of the problem and the tools to make personal changes. Are you ready to take control of your anger? Counselors are available to support you with:


  • Staying cool when anger heats up

  • Understanding how anger affects all areas of your life

  • Gaining control in anger stimulating situations

  • Learning strategies for managing anger now and in the future.

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