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The Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification provides individuals with training to assist others in planning their careers and finding meaningful work.

The Center for Credentialing & Education is the credentialing body for this certification, with curriculum developed by the National Career Development Association

GCDF training covers major career development areas including developing helping relationships, diversity, theory, ethics, assessment, technology, and more. 


  • Customized training for groups of 6 or more seeking certification.

  • Minimum of 120 hours of classroom and experiential training, meeting the required content for GCDF certification, customized to your group.

  • Onsite training available.

  • Training modules of 2-4 hour blocks scheduled to meet your timetable.

  • Skype, online, and distance learning.

  • Content customization meets your specific needs.


Christine Chelstrom has 20 years of experience in customized training. She has been certified to teach Global Career Development Facilitator training since 2004.


Her successful GCDF training module has been used to certify counselors on staff. She brings energy, knowledge, and the ability to adapt curriculum to the needs of each audience.

In addition to her facilitation role, Christine is also an expert résumé developer and job development specialist for the Teamsters Service Bureau.


"As an organization, Stearns-Benton Employment & Training Council supports professional development. Recently, six SBETC staff participated in and completed the GCDF training. This training along with the instructor was exceptional, providing a strong balance of theory and application. Through Christine's outstanding facilitation of the training, our skills have been broadened, enhancing our abilities to provide high quality career services."

Joan Bloemendaal-Gruett
Development Director, Stearns-Benton Employment & Training Council

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