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  • Jennifer Munt

Teamsters Take Care of Teamsters

COVID-19 has shocked our daily lives. Typical activities – sitting down at a restaurant, getting a haircut, hugging a friend – were suddenly halted. Now we stay apart to give our health care workers a chance to slow the spread of the deadly virus.

This crisis is hard on everyone. It is a harsh reminder that workers need unions. When the virus hit, our Teamsters Service Bureau responded quickly to meet urgent needs. With one in every five Minnesotans out of work, demand for our emotional and financial support spiked. We were able to provide food, shelter, and financial support to union members whose jobs and hours had been cut.

Our Service Bureau is your safety net. We provide respectful support to union members and their families whenever they face life’s challenges. During the pandemic, it meant a mother could feed her hungry children. A father could pay his family’s rent. A parent could afford childcare. A retiree could escape from an abusive home. And a trucker’s life was saved from suicide.

You’re not alone; we’re here for you. Our family service advocates provide relationship, marriage, family, financial, and legal counseling – all free and confidential. Just contact us at 612-676-3700 or

Rest assured that life will return to normal. Meanwhile, here are six steps to help you cope with the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of COVID-19: 1) take breaks from the news, 2) focus on the facts, 3) take care of your body, 4) unwind with a walk, 5) connect with others online, and 6) set goals for yourself.

When everything else is uncertain, your union has got your back. Teamsters proudly help Teamsters.

In unity,

Jennifer Munt

Executive Director

Teamsters Service Bureau

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