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  • Jennifer Munt

Unemployed? We Can Help

Nearly one of every five Minnesotans is out of work due to COVID. Chances are you, your family, or friends are impacted by job loss or reduced hours. If so, our Teamsters Service Bureau can help.

We can help you find your next job. We offer career counseling, job training, résumé preparation, placement services, and financial support. All free through the government-funded Dislocated Worker Program.

Anyone eligible for unemployment is also eligible for our Dislocated Worker Program. Learn about the generous benefits at To enroll, simply call 612-673-3710 or email

Today, with 35 years of experience, we are the longest-serving agency helping job seekers secure family-sustaining employment. With union roots, we believe working people deserve a living wage, affordable health care, and time to care for their loved ones. That is why our clients get good jobs with higher pay and better benefits.

We are recognized as a talent pipeline. Our job development expert matches qualified workers with motivated union employers. She has strong relationships with people who hire for Teamster companies like UPS, Honeywell, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kemps, the U of M, and many more.

One success story. Harry is a 55-year old Vietnam veteran and a proud Teamster. He worked at Gedney until the pickle maker laid off workers at its Chaska plant. He wanted to continue working union so he could support his family. We helped them secure health insurance while Harry was in between jobs. We also helped him get retrained for his next union career. After four weeks of driving school, Harry earned a CDL license and became a Teamster driver at UPS.

Our Service Bureau supports job seekers. We are Teamsters helping Teamsters whenever union members face life’s challenges.

In unity,

Jennifer Munt

Executive Director

Teamsters Service Bureau

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