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We recognize that it has been a difficult two years for thousands of employees at Target HQ. Our thoughts are with you. There are services available to those who are losing their jobs, free of charge, to help you through this transition, including the Dislocated Worker Program and Right Management outplacement services. We will be here as long as you need; we are committed to supporting you.

The Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau (MNTSB) has been selected by a committee of former Target employees to provide Dislocated Worker Program services to those impacted by the layoffs at Target. This program of benefits is free, and provides you with opportunities for training, career counseling, résumé assistance, financial support, and more. State and federal funding make this program possible.

We want to extend a warm welcome to those who have been affected by the layoffs at Target. Job loss can be stressful when your future is uncertain. MNTSB employs a team of experts who can help you confidently step into your bright future. All of us here at MNTSB look forward to working with you through this transition. Our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts offer additional avenues for you to receive up-to-date information from our agency. We also maintain a Pinterest account to share helpful job search articles with our participants.

Call (612) 676-3710 to learn more, or sign up online for our next REGISTRATION SESSION.


823: number of your peers who have enrolled with us since 2/15/15

648: participants who have enrolled in training funded through our program

97%: successful exit rate (state's goal = 86%)

102%: wage replacement rate (state's goal = 80%)

A former Target participant after an interview and job offer:

"They were so very impressed with all the efforts I had gone through to keep up in the industry with my conference attendance and to enhance & grow my computer skills as a designer. I CANNOT thank you...enough for the priceless offerings you have given me. You completely gave me an edge above the rest and I will be much more successful in this job because of it... You really have a SOLID program that honestly has meant so much to me (and so many others). At a rough time when it was a struggle to get on my feet, I feel I had an organization and the government behind me that wanted me to succeed and offered me the financial, people, and tangible resources to build my confidence and keep me relevant. And it showed in my interviews! I am really grateful for my job and it is a great new home."


Some former Target employees have been determined to be eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) - a federal program offering additional benefits to those who have lost their jobs in trade-related layoffs.

If you are TAA eligible, you will receive a certified letter in the mail informing you of these benefits and inviting you to attend an information session. If you're not sure if you are eligible, talk with your counselor or call (612) 676-3710 and we can check on your behalf.

TAA provides benefits beyond what is available through the Dislocated Worker Program: up to 2 years of training (full tuition, books, and parking on approved plans), extended unemployment insurance benefits while attending training, wage reimbursement for workers over 50 years of age making less than $50,000/year (up to $10,000!), and more.

You can read about benefits on DEED's TAA webpage. We strongly encourage you to attend an information session to learn more about these benefits.

In order to be eligible, individuals must be unemployed or working in unsuitable employment (as defined by the federal TAA program).

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