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The Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau offers an assortment of engaging monthly workshops that leave participants with valuable skills and strategies that are crucial in today’s job search. We offer the workshops listed below either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis at our Minneapolis and Plymouth locations. 

Participants of our Dislocated Worker Program can view the schedule and register here.

Our expert facilitators can develop customized workshops for you on a variety of career-related topics. If you don't see what you're looking for below, let us know! We'll work with you to find a creative solution.


Whether you are considering changing careers, planning to advance in your current career, or just needing some insight, the career assessment workshop can help set you on your path. This workshop will explore: healing from job loss, your skills and strengths, work values, interests, goal-setting, and lifestyle. This workshop includes a free online Strong Interest Inventory, with the results discussed during the workshop.


Could "ageism" be a barrier to your successful job search? Then the Experienced Workers: Job Search Over 40 workshop is for you. In this workshop you will explore: the "facts and fictions" of job search over the age of 40; how to create an "ageless" resume; how to counter potential age discrimination in an interview; how to empower your networking opportunities by focusing on your unique strengths, experiences and talents; and how to dress for success at any age.


Whether you already have a résumé that you want to improve, or you're just starting your résumé-writing process, this workshop will help. In three fast hours of interactive conversation and exercises, you'll learn from an expert: how to choose the right résumé style for you, how to draw the reader in with your most powerful information, how to strike the balance that presents your key messages in a businesslike way while also showing your personality, and many more tips for writing the best résumé possible. The workshop includes writing exercises to give you a solid start on creating your unique job search document - bring your pens and pencils and get ready to enjoy the process of telling your work story on paper.

This workshop requires some pre-work; once you register, watch your email for the document!


You know you can negotiate your wage, but do you feel confident you know how to successfully negotiate for what you're worth? Do you know when and how to ask? Did you know you can negotiate for much more than just wage, but benefits, schedule, training, and much more? Come learn the ins & outs of negotiation so you can get what you're worth!


Use your interpersonal and technical skills to get the job you want. Learn a six-step process to choose your goal, select target companies, and identify connections within those companies to network your way into the hidden job market.


Join us for an informational and experiential workshop where you will gain an "edge" on your competition. This workshop begins by addressing the telephone interview. You will learn how to avoid being eliminated during the telephone interview, techniques for the call, preparation, sample questions, and practice.

The second part of this workshop addresses the face-to-face interview. You will learn how to make an impression, types of interviews, 7 stages of the interview, the STAR method for responding to questions, sample questions, and practice.



Learn how to think about your career as a brand and how to communicate your own unique value to employers. Discover what sets you apart and makes you distinctive in a way that puts you ahead of the long line of other candidates for a job. Gather tips on how to be consistent in your résumé, online profiles, cover letters, and elevator speeches to successfully convey your personal brand. 


Find out what everyone is talking about with LinkedIn, and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. Learn what mistakes to avoid and how to take advantage of these powerful tools in your job search. Observe what makes a great profile and work on building and strengthening your own! Discover how to research your target companies and put your connections to work for you.



Now you know what LinkedIn is and how to use it - but you're stuck when it comes to writing your profile! For many midwesterners, it's against our nature to "toot our own horns." It's not uncommon to get stuck at this point! This small, hands-on workshop helps you write a profile that will get you noticed by highlighting your strengths and leveraging your connections to maximize your reach. We offer professional profile pictures during this workshop for those who are interested, so remember to dress for success!


Your transition to your next job or phase is your career begins with an honest assessment of where you are financially right now, as well as having a clear understanding of what financial resources will be available in the future. In this engaging workshop, you will build a practical financial plan that sets the stage for taking the next steps in your career. Topics discussed will include: creating a budget, health insurance, retirement plan options, sources of future income, and much more.


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