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The Minnesota Teamsters Service Bureau has been providing employment services to Teamster members and the larger community for over 30 years. Through our Dislocated Worker Program, we serve over 1,000 individuals each year, consistently exceeding the State of Minnesota's goals for the program. Our dedicated team of professionals also assist Teamster members with résumé development, applications, interview preparation, networking, and more.

Over the years, employers and community partners have trusted us to plan and provide high quality customized training for their employees and clients. We offer job search workshops on current employment trends, interpretation of assessments by trained professionals, career counseling, and Global Career Development Facilitator training. Additionally, we have partnered with employers and educational institutions to develop customized training for specific needs.

We would love to put our expertise to work for you. Read on for more information or contact us to find out how we can help you!


We offer a variety of fee based services to meet the career development needs of individuals and organizations. From packaged services to workshops, MNTSB has something for everyone. 


Assessments can help you better understand yourself and your interests. Our trained counselors will help you interpret results so you can make the best career decisions for your future.



Career development is ever-changing to meet the demands of today's workplace. We're constantly bringing fresh material into our workshops to ensure you get current information, every time.


Your résumé is your work story on paper. You need it to tell a compelling story, highlighting your best accomplishments and letting you shine. At a loss for words?
We can help!



Global Career Development Facilitator training provides education for career professionals to help people make informed decisions about their own career development.

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